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SimHydro 2010: Hydraulic modeling and uncertainty

Sophia Antipolis, FranceThe SimHydro 2010 conference is jointly organized by the Société Hydrotechnique de France (SHF), the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (UNS), the International Association for Hydraulic Research (AIHR) and the Association Française de Mécanique (AFM).The conference will be held from 2 to 4 June 2010 at Polytech’Nice-Sophia, in Sophia Antipolis.

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 Modeling in fluid mechanics, hydraulics, and hydrology, whether using digital tools or using scale models, has reached sufficient maturity to be in daily use by engineers for analysis and for communication. Increasingly complex cases can be handled thanks to ever more sophisticated tools and increasingly abundant computing power. However, quantifying uncertainty in the data and in the models for integration into decision-making processes remains a legitimate concern.

With respect to these issues, a number of questions remain open: the calibration and accuracy of complex models, their relevance to case studies, and their prediction capability.

Important Dates
  • Abstract submission: 29 October 2009

  • Wish to take part in round-tables: 29 October 2009

  • Notification of acceptance: 30 November 2009

  • Full paper submission: 05 March 2010

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