Exhibition and Training


During the conference, several companies will present tehir products and give presentations/ in dedicated rooms. All delegates are kindly invited to visit those presentations.

Main participants:




The VESTA-GIS project (www.vesta-gis.eu), coordinated by GISIG, is aimed at gathering and rationalise the training offer and demand in the field of GIS for nature, coasts and water resources.
This last stream of VESTA-GIS will be the subject of the VESTA-GIS Workshop on GIS&Water Management jointly organised by GISIG, IRIDE Acqua Gas and University of Nice Sophia Antipolis as two parallel sessions of the Simhydro 2010 Conference (www.simhydro.org) held in Sophia Antipolis (Nice, FRANCE) from 2 to 4 June 2010.
During the SimHydro conference, dealing with the modelling of water resources and water world and related encountered problems, two parallel VESTA-GIS sessions are planned, respectively dealing with:
·         VESTA-GIS  and training experiences on GIS & Water Management  (3rd June 2010, 2PM)
·         VESTA-GIS and initiatives of networking in the water sector (4th June 2010, 2PM)
If you are already registered in the SimHydro 20101 Conference, you can plan to participate in the VESTA-GIS Workshop (both sessions or one of them at your convenience) and/or share your experience by contributing with an oral presentation.