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A propos des organisateurs

About the organisers


La Société Hydrotechnique de France (S.H.F.)

working at the forefront of research and industrial processes, carries out its activities in the following areas:

  • in the field of water, under various aspects of resources management, everyday use for human needs, agriculture, industry and transport, including environmental impact and the study of natural phenomena related to hydrology, meteorology, flood, low flows and drought;
  • and the more general field of fluid mechanics of all types, industrial applications and hydro machinery.


The operating efficiency of the S.H.F, a non-profit association founded in 1912, is based on its dual structure:

  1. MEMBERS' COLLEGE: The S.H.F. brings together industrial and agricultural groups, engineering firms and laboratories, public institutions and local authorities, as well as individual members.SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL COMMITEE: The Scientific and Technical Committee groups consisted of researchers, university professors, engineers and managers in interdisciplinary departments and workshops who carry out the studies and research defined by its Steering Committee:
    • Scientific and technical committee
    • Steering Committee
    • Departments
    • Working groups

La Houille Blanche (International journal of water)

Published with the patronage of the SHF every two months, La Houille Blanche, International Journal of Water, proposes detailed analysis of the most up-to-date developments in all branches of hydraulics. Its theme files, prepared by renowned specialists, make "La Houille Blanche" a reference for water engineers and researchers not only in France but all aver the world. Our scientific journal is available on line since December 2006.


The association's purpose is to encourage progress in and development of scientific culture and knowledge in all the fields relating to water resources and hydrotechnical sciences (Clause 1 of its statutes).

  • Symposia, Workshops, Conventions and more
    The results of the S.H.F.'s work are reflected in the great variety of events organized by the association. Reports and papers are printed on transactions, guides and other topics which are published in great part in the journal "La Houille Blanche" International Journal of Water", the association's essential means of expression.
  • The Hydraulic Congress
    The association's congress, under the title of "Les Journées de l'Hydraulique"in French is of great importance and provides the opportunity to bring together an international community of water engineers, mechanical engineers, hydrologists, and meteorologists, as well as representatives of administrations and local authorities. The Congress is normally held biannually.
  • Technical assistance
    On request, the S.H.F can advise and assist its members in their activities and in their efforts to improve techniques in theoretical or applied hydraulics, protection of the environment, risk management and training.

As an independent body of experts, the association also provides completely impartial arbitration.


The Henri MILON award is granted each year to the author of a book or thesis related to hydrology.

The  Jean VALEMBOIS's prize is awarded each year to a research worker contributing to the field of fluid mechanics.

The “Grand prix Hydrotechnique” award is granted annually on the occasion of the association's Congress.
The winner is elected for his contribution to the fields in which the S.H.F is active.


Thanks to the experience acquired, the competence of its members and to their support, the S.H.F has managed to create a sense of belonging to the same community on the part of all the participants in hydraulics, despite the great diversity of professions concerned.  It’s objectives are :

  • to contribute to the development of relations between water engineers, mechanical engineers and more generally all the professionals taking an interest in water resources, and to reinforce its ties to other scientific associations to seek out synergy between them;
  • to take its rightful place concerning its contribution to hydrotechnics, to promote and strengthen the French school;
  • to participate in the activities of international agencies such as the International Association for Hydraulic Research (I.A.H.R) and the World Water Council and to establish and provide assistance in relations with domestic companies.

University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis

The Universite de Nice Sophia-Antipolis was established by decree in 1965. All disciplines are taught with the exception of pharmacy. The university has seven campus sites in Nice, one in Sophia-Antipolis, one in Cannes, and one in Menton.

Polytech Nice Sophia  is the engineering school of the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. In a move to develop a training offer original, innovative and best performing international level, the school Polytech'Nice-Sophia was born in 2005.

The school offers training of engineers in areas that are today a very strong and growing that ensure employability for all students. Polytech'Nice-Sophia hosts nearly 1,000 students taking courses offered in five major fields of science and technology : electronics, computer science, applied mathematics, biological engineering and water engineering. These future engineers aim to bring their skills and enthusiasm to companies wishing to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The educational content and scientific training are placed under the responsibility of the five departments that brings together Polytech Nice Sophia:

  • Electronics
  • Computer Sciences
  • Applied Mathematics and Modeling
  • Biological Engineering
  • Hydroinformatique Engineering and Water
  • Buildings

Polytech Nice Sophia is a member of the Polytech network, located in the heart of international science park of Sophia-Antipolis, the largest technology park in Europe.


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