Face-to-face activities in Nice (France)

What is HydroEurope ?

HydroEurope is an Intensive Programme within the Socrates/Erasmus framework, initiated by the

HydroEurope is dedicated to the students involved in several master degrees specialized on the water management and the hydro-technologies. The objectives of HydroEurope is to promote, in a global European vision, the key concepts, the methodologies, the tools and the good practices which are today essential for a sustainable water management. Today, the problems related to water are more and more complex and must be analyzed in a global way and with the right tools. The sophistication of the situations imposes to reconsider the way of working: new practices, new tools, new technologies, new ways of collaboration. [see Concept for more details]

Why joining HydroEurope ?

HydroEurope is a unique opportunity to develop professional skills and knowledge in the field of hydroinformatics and collaborative engineering. The provided study case - flood of the Var river in France - is a perfect real situation where several approaches can be implanted in order to assess the flood and to elaborate engineering solutions.

Every year HydroEurope welcomes over 100 participants from more than 35 different countries and 15 international experts. The international atmosphere provides a unique opportunity to develop teamwork and communication skills and at the same time, to create a first professional network at the international level.

The online activities provide to the participants the possibility to work with a full collaborative environment combining communication and modeling tools provided by the industrial partners of HydroEurope.

HydroEurope is open to the students enrolled in the different master degrees of the partners' institutions.

 EuroAquae is a partner of the HelpDesk initiative

HydroEurope partners

Polytech Nice-Sophia - Universite Nice Sophia

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

Brandenburg University of Technology - Cottbus

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Newcastle University

Vjre Universiteit Brussel

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

HydroEurope is supported by
Conseil Général Alpes-Maritimes