@qua is created and supported by major actors of the IT and water utilities and more generally by water stakeholders. Within the collaborative entity, several working groups will address practical issues like automated meter reading, real time information of customers and stakeholders, optimized network operation, asset management, geographic intelligence, smart energy grid in water distribution systems and will develop a coherent and shared vision allowing integration and operability for the benefit of water management. The objectives of @qua are to define the specifications for the future and to establish the standards for today and tomorrow.


Smart Water is a peer-reviwed open access journal published under the SpringOpen band. The target audience includes researches, professionals and stakeholders from the water and IT sectors, in particular practitioners from the industrial sector in order to promote standards, guidelines. Some of the potential subjects to be addressed by the journal include:

  1. Generalized ICT in the operation of the cities of the future
  2. Real Time monitoring
  3. Improving water efficiency in agriculture, including detection of illegal abstraction
  4. Eco-system and land-use management in perspective of project scope and available resources

The papers are published individually. For more information, please visit website:


Being a member of @QUA makes you part of a global network of Water Utilities and Water Businesses. You will have access to participate in the working groups and contribute to development of specifications and standards of Smart Water Management.

* all fees in USD

Economic Development# Very High# High# Medium# Low#
Commercial (revenue sup.2Mil) $2000 $1800 $1500 $1000
Commercial (revenue inf.2Mil) $1000 $900 $750 $500
Non-Profit $750 $600 $400 $200
Academic / Individual $500 $400 $200 $100
Government (National Level) $2000 $1800 $1500 $1000
Government (Local Level) $500 $200 $150 $100
# Based on the classification on United Nations "Human Development Index" - (very high, high, medium, low)


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