Welcome to Team 1- HydroEurope 2017!

Our video!

This is our Team 1 website!

Our team is composed by 9 students who come from different countries. It is HydroEurope platform that get us together!!! Thanks to it, we have the opportunity to listen to different voices and get new skills and knowledge.

You can find our team introduction, work reports in this website.
We accept everyone's feedback about our works. So if you want to give us a suggestion or even a correction, please feel free to contact us!

Contact Email:
--> 17he01@aquacloud.net

The HydroEurope Project is based and developed on the close partnership between the academia and the professional sector (businesses and public services). The pedagogic approach is based on the team work with an international distribution of the team mates within the different participating institutions.

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