What should we do before face to face meeting?
According to the plan explained above, each student shall have these tasks done before the face to face meeting:
  • Read the powerpoint file of all the lessons
  • Practice the software by following all the tutorials
  • Carry out all the quizzes
  • Fill out the feedback form after each lesson
Each team will have a google classroom and a team website. For each team, the tasks below need to be completed before the face to face meeting:
  • Submit one technical report of each lesson on the google classroom 
  • Succeed in making a floodmap (with no matter which software) of the downstream area of the lower valley of var river (from the bridge 202BIS to the sea)
  • Update the team website & upload a short team management report less than 2 pages on the team website
The deadlines for each task are shown in the tables below:

What should we do during the face to face meeting?
During the face to face meeting, all the teams will work on the Var river case. Besides, the committee will give one technical question about numerical modelling to each team. Therefore the tasks of each team during face to face meeting are:
  • Work on hydrological and hydraulic modelling
  • Answer the team question
  • Update the technical results and other informations (team photos, videos, team management details etc.) on the team website
By the end of each day, a short team report less than 2 pages must be uploaded on the team website. And by the end of the second week, a complete technical report and a team management report must be uploaded on the team website.
The deadlines for each task are shown in the tables below: