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Daily report 2/14

Daily report N°2:


Team 1 – HydroEurope17

February 14th, 2017


Benoît BESSEAS                                              Kamila FUSIEK

Océane CALMELS                                           Arianna VARRANI

Laura DAUL                                                      Taline ZGHEIB

Guillaume HAZEMANN                                Zhengmin LEI

Quentin MOLIERES                                      


Supervisors: Philippe GOUBERSVILLE, Olivier DELESTRE


I.                   Introduction


The topic of our team for the first week is “Calibrate or not calibrate? Which parameters and variables in kind of hydrological models (black box, reservoirs, physically based, etc...).

For this second day, the team started to work, divided in small groups for each tasks that we allocated the previous day.


II.                What has been achieved today?


-          Guillaume and Benoît started to work HEC-HMS : they set up the model and start running some simulations

-          Océane and Quentin worked on the hydrometric stations to produce a map with the coordinates of each station and to try to assign a mean value of rain for each catchment in order to create a new file for MikeSHE. Indeed the goal is use another method than the Thiessen method for the interpolation of the rainfalls.

-          Taline and Zhegmin started to work on MikeSHE : they set up the model and tried to include the baseflow in the model

-          Laura worked on the website and prepared all the pages to post the reports and presentation, as well as doing some bibliography work to prepare the Friday presentation.

Team 1 working

III.                   Allocation of tasks

 Table 1: Allocation of task for 1st week




Rainfalls Analysis

Website update

Final report
















Laura DAUL














Guillaume HAZEMANN







Zhengmin LEI




























 We also planned the following schedule for the rest of the week :


Table 2: Daily team’s mission

Wednesday 2/15

Thursday 2/16

Friday 2/17

• Continue running and calibration of the models + calibration on HEC-RAS and MikeSHE

• Try to use another interpolation method on MikeSHE

• Write the beginning of the final report

• Daily report
• Update the website

• Start the presention for Friday?

• Resilience exercise

• Conclusion of the modelling parts

• Finish the presentation

• Prepare the presentation

• Continue writing the hydrological part for the final report

• Daily report
• Update the website

• Resilience exercise

• Presentation time!

• Download weekly report

• Daily report
• Update the website



laura DAUL,
14 Feb 2017, 10:21