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Daily report 2/17 & 2/18

Daily report N°5:


Team 1 – HydroEurope17

February 17th, 2017 & February 18th, 2017


Benoît BESSEAS                                              Quentin MOLIERES      

Océane CALMELS                                           Arianna VARRANI

Laura DAUL                                                      Taline ZGHEIB

Guillaume HAZEMANN                                Zhengmin LEI


Supervisors: Philippe GOUBERSVILLE, Olivier DELESTRE


I.                   Introduction

The topic of our team for the first week is “Calibrate or not calibrate? Which parameters and variables in kind of hydrological models (black box, reservoirs, physically based, etc...).

For these last two days, the team presented the work done this week and placed itself on a Hydraulic subject for the second week. Moreover, Saturday 18th of February was dedicated to a field trip to the Var.


II.                What has been achieved?

The team presented the work done during the past week with a presentation.

Taline, Guillaume, Benoît and Quentin decided to talk.

Overall, it seemed like the first part of the presentation was good: good explanation of what is calibration and what are the models, as well as a good presentation of our HEC-HMS results.

However the second part (MikeSHE results) was a bit more shadowed. Indeed it appeared that we did not have the right results going with our speech.


On Saturday we went to a field trip on the Var to observe the reality of the issues.

Here are some pictures we took:


III.                   Allocation of tasks for next week

Since we do not have the subject yet, it is difficult to say who is going to do what, but basing ourselves on what has been achieved so far and what need to be achieve, we can already predict more or less how the following week will go:

Table 1: Allocation of task for 1st week



Final report


Presentation slides


Daily reports















Laura DAUL







Guillaume HAZEMANN







Zhengmin LEI




























 Here is also a rough draft of how the week will go:

Table 2: Daily team’s mission

Monday 20/2

Tuesday 21/2

Wednesday 21/2

Thursday 22/2

Friday 23/2

• Get new question

• Analyze new question & discussions with supervisors

• Allocate tasks to everybody

• Decide which software we will use

• Setup models

• Video
• Final report

• Daily report


• Run simulations

• Video

• Final report

• Daily report

• Last results

• Check results with the supervisors

• Beginning of the slides for the presentation

• Final report

• Daily report
• Update the website


• Finishing the slides

• Finishing the final report
• Finishing the video

• Updating website
• Daily report
• Practice for the presentation

• Presentation time!




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