Arianna Varrani

I am Italian, born in Milan, maybe some too may years ago. I moved to Germany last year to start studying Hydroinformatics and Water Management at BTU Cottbus Senftenberg. 
 Current Location,  Institution Cottbus, Germany
 BTU Cottbus
 Background  studies BSc. Civil Engineering Università degli Studi di Padova
 Experience Some software modelling , mainly for Hydraulics (Mike11 and HEC-RAS),  Hydrology (MikeSHE) and Groundwater (GMS and NGMS, FeFlow).
 Programming languages like Fortran, and Matlab.
  • Italian 
  • English 
  • German 
  • Dutch (elementary)
 Hobbies  fitness, jogging, cooking for my friends 
 Interesting facts  the photo has been shot during the graduation ceremony for my BSc...