7. Gallery

           Organising our work on the first day                     Discussing the second presentation with our supervisor

                                                                Delicious treats during the teamwork       

Our trip to Var catchment:
                           Tight part of the Var                                             A fishpass located near a water turbine (1)

        A fishpass located near a water turbine (2)                                 The water flowing above the weir

                                                    HydroEurope participants always help each other

Beautiful views from the trip:

The video below presents our HydroEurope experience: what this project has meant to us and what we will remember the most from it.

Hydroeurope experience - Team 02

Saturday 18th, all the HydroEurope's participants went on the Var catchment to have a better understanding of all the hydrodynamic processes of the river. We began at the airport and we went up along the Var river until the "La Manda" bridge. This video is one of the presentation that we had during the road trip, it's presented by Mr Gourbesville (Director of Polytech Nice - Sophia) and Mr Audra (Professor of hydrogeology).

A presentation of MM Gourbesville and Audra

The next video has been realised beside the hydroelectric power plant by France 3 (French TV channel). It's a quickly french video about HydroEurope : how many universities, students, the purpose ...

France 3 - Reportage 18th February