3rd Team HydroEurope

Welcome to the Initial page of the 3rd team in HydroEurope 2017.

HydroEurope is a pedagogic project about flood resilience with a problem oriented and collaborative engineering approach. Their members come from six different universities although this team only has member from 5 of them. You can meet us in the team member section of our webpage.

The 3rd team, as well as, the other teams has started doing a series of reports in order to become familiar not only with the software itself but also in the procedure about how to properly model the response of a basin to a flood event, as well as, both the pre-processing and post-processing of the information.

The 3rd team has additionally created a few tutorials in order to help their members on how to proceed with those parts where difficulties were encountered (Remote Desktop connection, Shetran part 1, and Shetran part 2). We also have not only focused on doing the reports, but in the objective of the report when applied to a flood-risk analysis, and what conclusions could have been made with the available data provided. For some of them we have produced alternative outputs such as video with the results (Mike21: Regular Mesh). 

Up to the current date, the third team has developed a strategy about how to try to cope with the problematic existing in the Var Basin. The strategy will be publicly show the Monday, 13th February. The next day, anyone would be able to follow the progress in the daily report section.
For anyone interested in how this experience is going for the third team, or how are we doing to collaborate between us, please do not hesitate in checking the life experience section of our webpage. We will keep updating this section through HydroEurope project.


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