Remote Desktop

This is the tutorial for connecting to the remote desktop. So as you have seen Fabrice has sent you an email but it has not fully explained how to connect to the remote desktop. Your computer (as long as it has windows) will have a program called Remote Desktop already installed (Spanish: "Conexión a escritorio remoto", French: "Conexion bureau à distance", I have no idea in other languages...).

Use the search option of your windows to find it, (it should be under Windows Tools or similar). Then copy the url of the server there: (do not paste this link into a webbrowser).

Click on Show more options, and be sure to set the user as it is shown in the picture, it must start with "AQUACLOUD\" and then the user of your aquacloud account (everything before the @).

When asked for password insert the temporary password, it is in the email. Then you will be requested to change your password. Please remember the new password. And finally we are in the server!