3rd Team HydroEurope

Welcome to the Report page of the 3rd team in HydroEurope 2017. 
In Team Third, we believe in the use of new technologies to facilitate the task of being a deallocated team but still being able to work together. 

Our reports, as well as the rest of our work is taking advantage of the online storage capacities of the aquacloud. We have set folder in the google drive account, where you can see all our work. Although, you would not be able to edit anything if you are not a member of the Team Third.

We also have tried to set some of our results online, for this case you will need Google Earth (Download), then you can try our .kmz file and legend (Download).  The result will be similar to the next figure.

Team Management Reports

Reports before face to face

Reports face to face
Models (over 1Gb)