2016-11-20, Sunday. Team Report Management.

posted 20 Nov 2016, 11:00 by giulia FAILLA   [ updated 20 Nov 2016, 11:02 by ricardo MONTERO RUBERT ]
The first team management report includes the different tasks that each member should follow the next week (2016-11-20 to 2016-11-25). Until now no meeting has been done due to difficulties to meet each other, for this reason this report represent a temporary guide and it should be confirmed and discussed together.
  1. Ricardo is the temporary team leader, (its leadership will be discussed in the next meeting).
  2. Everyone should create a small description of themselves under the team webpage.
  3. Everyone should go to the announcements page, and subscribe to the notifications.
  4. A Google Hangout group has been created (3rd team chat) to start instant communications.
  5. Everyone should go to the team rules pages and read them (the team rules will be under discussion in the next meeting)
  6. Everyone should do all exercises, however writing the report will be divided between small subgroups. There is a premade temporary configuration of this subgroups (that it will be discussed after we all known other people backgrounds and after the meeting). 
    1. ArcGIS: Giulia, F. & Ricardo M.
    2. MIKE-SHE: Samy C, Jianqiao G, & Helena P.
    3. HEC-HMS: Andrea B, Giulia, F. & Ricardo M.
    4. SHETRAN: Allan D, Lukask K, Thibaut P, & Ishara R. 
  7. It has been proposed the Tuesday 22nd at 21:00 CET for the hangout meeting among all of us. Waiting for confirmation.
End of the Team Report Management. 

Written by: Ricardo M. and Giulia F.