2016-11-29, Tuesday. Week Report Management

posted 29 Nov 2016, 12:52 by ricardo MONTERO RUBERT   [ updated 30 Nov 2016, 11:09 ]
Active members in the meeting: Andrea, Giulia & Ricardo.

The 29th November the team met in a video-conference where we agreed to the following:
  • The following 5 reports will be created by 2 persons each one, most of the report have 2 exercises so it is up to each subgroup how to subdivide the load work. Please check the deadline and submit the report before the deadline.
    • MIKE11: Jianqiao & Thibaut
    • MIKE21: Ricardo & Giulia
    • Iber: Andrea & Lukasz
    • CityCAT: Samy & Helena
    • Resilience: Ishara & Allan (Ishara is currently an unactive member, reason why it has been assigned the last deadline)
  • The organisation for the imminent report of the SHETRAN has been subdivided as follow:
    • Exercise 1: Giulia & Allan
    • Exercise 2: Thibaut & Jianqiao
  • The webpage Advertisement inside the web is going to be deleted. The reason is that the minutes pages is doing the same job, please subscribe to the minutes page instead.
  • The members without a personal profile in the team page should create one.
  • Andrea will supervise the HEC-HMS report.
  • Due to the low assistance of this meeting, no date has been proposed for the next meeting. Communication over the facebook group will be done this weekend in order to choose a suitable appointment (in case it is necessary).
  • A copy of the minutes will be pasted into the facebook group. However, edits of the post might not be posted on the facebook group.

Written by: Ricardo M.

EDIT: 30/11/2016: Ishara is now an active member. All the members are active now.