2017-01-27,Friday, Week Report Management.

posted 27 Jan 2017, 02:58 by giulia FAILLA

There was no meeting for this week. HydroEurope is coming soon!!!.

  •  Tuesday 31.01.2017 a meeting is scheduled at 20h30 in order to speak about our organisation during the two weeks        of  HydroEurope and the presentation that each group have to prepare.
  • For the next week, the reports are distributed in the list below:
    • Iber: Andrea + Lukasz (in charge)
    • Citycat: Samy (in charge) + Helena
    • Resilience:  Thibaut+ Ishara (in charge)

A person has been named as "in charge", this person should take care that the report is fine and within the system before the deadline, please check the last day that the report has no suggestion or comments.

·     Suggestions and comments into the report should be done the Wednesday before the deadline. The reason for this is because to that date the report should be almost over, and there is still two days to correct the suggestions.

·      The web site has to be completed with more information about our work and the Var-project before the beginning of HydroEurope. Allan and Giulia are in charge to update the Project age of our website.

  •  It is important to predict that you might have problem with the deadline. The report and the exercises could be  done before. Just warn the rest of the team (in the facebook group) so suggestion can be done and performed.