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Giulia Failla

 Name:    Giulia FAILLA
 Current location:
 Nice, France
 Phone: (+33) 0768706280
 Born in:
 San Remo, Italy
 Age: 27
 Background: What are your past and present studies:
  • Water Engineering, Hydroinformatics and Management Utilities Water ( Polytech of Nice)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering (italy) 
 Languages A list of the languages you can speak:
  • Italian 
  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
 Experience:I have experience in hydraulic and hydrological modelling , I have worked with HEC-RAS HEC-HMS, ARCGIS and AutoCAD
  • painting and art 
  • sport ( yoga and running) 
  • cooking 
  • travel