elcome on the team 4 website !

Picture: Team 4 with the best supervisor, Robert Bertsch

Our work for the first week is online here 
               for resilience study is here
               for the second week here 

Our engineering report:


Our team takes part in HydroEurope 2017. This event is taken place from 13rd Feb. to 24th Feb in Sophia-Antipolis, in the south of France.

    You can find informations about our team by clicking on this link : 2. Team n°4

    The HydroEurope 2017 session is divided in 2 parts: a first part consisting to work on different computer softwares and the second part where we work on a particular subject. 

    You can find our different technical reports, written during the preparation if you click on this link: 3. HydroEurope preparation

    For the second part, you can see our work if you click on this link: 1. HydroEurope 2017

                               Picture : Marvelous Team 4 members