3.1. Origins of the event

    First of all, you've to know that with the past precipitations of the autumn 1994, the ground have stored water and became humid, so during the flood event, the ground were rapidly saturated.

    Then, the event really began the November, 2nd because of a depression in the Var catchment. The precipitations were mainly located on the relieves. There accumulation has caused a huge volume of water of more than 350 mm (medium) in less than 72 h. The ground were rapidly saturated.

    The November, 5th of 1994, the flood happened. The characteristic of the rainy event was that it was spatially exceptional: 2/3 of the catchment. The intensity of the rain wasn't so important. 

    The danger of the phenomena was due to the area of the precipitation.

Bildergebnis für Var 1994 flood