HydroEurope 2017

    HydroEurope is dedicated to the Var catchment (located in the south of France). 

    The catchment concerns the Var river and its 3 tributaries: the Tinée, Estéron and Vésubie.

    You learn more about HydroEurope project if you click on this link: 1. PROJECT OF HYDROEUROPE


In 1994, in the beginning of November, a big flood event happened. And caused many damages on the downstream part of the Var catchment, included the Nice's International airport. 

    On monday, the 13th of February, each team of HydroEurope 2017 session presented their work concerning the period of preparation of this event. You can see our presentation on the right.  In addition, we believe that team 4 is a group, so three presentations in HydroEurope should include the speech of each teammate. The first presentation is held by Marion, Hugo and Eimile. 
    During the face-to-face meeting, we have 1 subject per week.
We present this subject on these pages:  
- First week    the first week presentation is talked by Margaux, Saed, Carlos and Jonathan.
- Second week   the second week presentation is talked by Shutian, Kai and Charlotte.

Figure: catchment of the Var river (Google Earth)

    Video: Archives concerning the 1994 flood event in Nice
Presentation for the beginning of HydroEurope 2017