1.3. First week

    During the first week of HydroEurope 2017, we have received this topic:

"Comparison between different flood modelling approaches: 1D - Quasi 2D - 2D". 

1st presentation


    You can see our presentation on the right. 
To answer to this topic, we used 3 different softwares: MIKE 11, MIKE GIS and MIKE 21

    To build our 3 models, we used these input/output data: 

    We encountered many problems to build our models and for the Quasi 2D model, we decided to present the theory of MIKE GIS and a model built with HEC-geoRAS. In order to have a representation of this flood modelling approach. We obtained these following models: 

Figure 1: Results with MIKE 11

Figure 2: Results with HEC-geoRAS

Figure 3: Results with MIKE 21

    We noted these advantages/disadvantages for the three flood modelling approaches: 

    With these models, we can do these applications: 

After the presentation on Friday, 17th Feb, several questions and comments are made by the supervisors:
1. Mr. Ma --Did you use the same boundary condition in 1D, quasi 2D and 2D models?
--Yes, we used the same BC upstream discharge at La Manda bridge and downstream the sea level.

2. Mr. Ma --But why your results of 1D ,quasi 2D and 2D models are in different regions of the river? not the same part of the river?
-- Our question is to make comparisons between different flood modelling approaches: 1D - Quasi 2D - 2D, which means we have to know the difference of models. There is no need to input exactly the same map area into different models. If our question is to compare the results from 1D, quasi 2D and 2D model, we will definitely build the model with exactly the same area in different models.

3. Prof. Phillipe Gourbesville -- Actually you can do the quasi 2D model in MIKE 11, why you did not manage to do it?
-- Theoretically we can do a quasi 2D in MIKE 11 but it needs a lot of work to build the mesh and other inputs and we only have 4 days to finish our tasks. If more time is given, we will try to do it.

    The first video is done with the activities have been done during this week:

Fantastic HydroEurope

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