1.1. Project of HYDROEUROPE

Picture: Opening ceremony of HydroEurope 2017

    HydroEurope is an international partnership between 6 universities : 
    - Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus Senftenberg, Germany. 
    - Newcastle University, England.
    - Technical University of Catalonia, Spain. 
    - University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France. 
    - Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.
    - Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. 

    HydroEurope 2017 starts from 31st Oct 2016 to 25th Feb 2017. 
The teamwork are divided into two main parts --  Before face to face meeting and Face to face meeting. And during face to face meeting, each morning a useful lecture is held from 9am to 12am about flood and models.

Picture: Lecture from Prof. Choi, Korea.

    For 1st part (31st Oct 2016 to 10th Feb 2017)-- Before face to face meeting, we have different tasks to do regarding different software:
--Basic spatial analysis software: ARCGIS
--Hydrological model: MIKE SHE, HEC-HMS, SHETRAN
--Hydraulic model: MIKE 11, HEC-RAS, MIKE 21, IBER, CITYCAT, ISIS
--Groundwater model: FEFLOW
--Integrated flood management and flood resilience-- Flood resilience
                                                                                         Picture: 1st week plan for team 4

For 2nd part (13th Feb 2017 to 25th Feb 2017) -- Face to face meeting, we have detailed projects regarding questions:
--1st question: Comparison between different flood modelling approaches: 1D, Quasi 2D & 2D
--2nd question: Resilience estimation for 94 event (Nice area, left bank) & uncertainty analysis
                                                                                                    Picture: 2nd week plan for team 4