To buid up a model,some questions need to be asked:
    • Input data collection
    • Choice of governing equation 
    • Calibration :which variable should be calibrated

Construction step of a hydrological modeling

Mike SHE

Introduction: MIKE SHE is an advanced integrated hydrological modeling system. It simulates water flow in the entire land based phase of the hydrological cycle from rainfall to river flow, via various flow processes such as, overland flow, infiltration into soils, evapotranspiration from vegetation, and groundwater flow.

Aim: In order to use Mike SHE, we use the platform of Mike ZERO, as we can see in the interface of Mike ZERO, we create a Data tree to build a model which matches our case study region and period.


We study the Var watershed. Our studied zone is near the outlet, at a bridge where we have a hydrograph of the discharge.

We used this hydrograph as reference to calibrate our model.

We needed to find the same graph with the rain time series (Var, Levens, Roquesteron, Guillaumes, Carros, Puget Theniers, St Martin Vesubie) given for each sub-basin.

We find better results after the calibration for the two sets of data, but weirdly we found better result with the 300 data set.

It's strange because the grid of 300 m is larger than the 75 m one, so it should be less precise. Maybe the different grids had been realised at different times and during that period the topography have changed.