Final report


This report focuses on 2 main topics within flood modelling. The first looks at how hydrographs produced from hydrological models impact the production of flood maps. The second involves a comparison of hydraulic 1D/2D models and associated accuracy of representing the processes of the floodplain. Differing softwares have been used in order to best represent the reality in each study case. In the 1st question the hydrological models used were HEC-HMS and MikeSHE, the outputs for these were models were then inputted into the hydraulic model Telemac to produce the flood map. It was clear that differing hydrographs produced altered the flood location on the map. 

In the 2nd question Telemac was used again as the 2D model with comparison of this to the 1D model HEC-RAS. In this case the 2 models were used for the same case study of 2011 in order to compare the different outputs. 2D models are able to mathematically quantify the difference in flow of water at perpendicular sections the river whereas 1D models cannot.

Models are a useful tool for flood modelling however it is improtant to understand the purpose, have good data to calibrate models and understand expected outputs from researching the flood event.
tamsin JONES,
24 Feb 2017, 02:52