Welcome to our project - we are made up of students from all around the world. We are collaborating through our 5  universities:
  • Polytech Nice-Sophia, Newcastle University, 
  • Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, 
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel and 
  • Brandenburg University of Technology. 
We are working to model the floods in the Var catchment with the HydroEurope project.

HydroEurope is a study project on the Var river. It uses the flood event of November 1994 which has caused catastrophic damages to infastructure and humans. A complete study of this phenomenon will be realised in order to know the possible consequences of a same magnitude event on existing infrastructure and what would be the water management solutions to prevent this natural hazard.

On our team website you will find all the steps of our project development.

A more complete map and information of the study area is available in the section "3. Technical report - 3.1 Training" on the site. This includes all the work undertaken before our face-to-face work. 

HYDROEUROPE takes place over two weeks during February, you can find our final technical report in "HydroEurope meeting":

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