4- Questions during HydroEurope

Monday, 13th February 2017

The HydroEurope session started with a first presentation. We explained our understanding of the subject, introduced the team members and the results of our pre-work.


After the presentation, we received in the afternoon the first question we will work on for one week. Each day we wrote a daily report to show the work progress.

First question:
         Impact of land use definition and grid refinement on hydrological simulations (Mike SHE, SHETRAN, HEC-HMS at least)

Daily report n°1 (Monday 13th)
Daily report n°2 (Tuesday 14th)
Daily report n°3 (Wednesday 15th)
Daily report n°4 (Thursday 16th)

Friday, 17th February 2017

After one week of team work, we presented our answer to the first question, plus the conclusions of the Resilience report and our expectations for the next question.


Daily report n°5 (Friday 17th)

Daily report n°6 (Saturday 18th)

Monday, 20th
 February 2017

After the week-end (and the saturday field trip, see Life experience tab), we started the second week with a new question. Again, each day we kept a trace of the porgress of our work with the daily reports.

Second question:
Floodplain representation in hydraulic models and accuracy of results

Daily report n°7 (Monday 20th)
Daily report n°8 (Tuesday 21th)
Daily report n°9 (Wednesday 22th)
Daily report n°10 (Thursday 23th)

Friday, 24th February 2017

Last presentation, end of HydroEurope