6- Life experience

Saturday, 18th February 2017

This day was the field trip to Var Catchment. At 8 am the bus picked us from Sophia, or Carras station. At 3:30 pm the field trip was over and the bus left us in Nice and Sophia. 

This field trip allowed us to have a better understanding of the Var catchment and the subbasin.  By the way, some of us were interviewed by France 3 for a coverage. We made many stops and took a lot of photos. Plus, we had a lunch at the beautiful Carras village.

Industrial area in the Var valley (Source: M.Munch, 2017)

               The Manda bridge (Source: M.Munch, 2017)



Weir on the Var river (Source: M.Munch, 2017)                   

Herd of wild students on the left bank of the Var river (Source: M.Munch, 2017)

Provencal village of Carros (Source: M.Munch, 2017)

Wednesday, 22th February 2017

This day, all the HydroEurope participants and supervisors were invited to an ending party at the Hard Rock Cafe of Nice.

Saturday, 25th February 2017

The last day of HydroEurope was the award ceremony at the Nice castle.