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  • Week 14 - 30th January to 9th February 2017 Please, refer to the file below to view the Team Management Report from 30 January to 9 February.
    Posted 23 Feb 2017, 09:37 by jeremy DEJOIE
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    The TEAM 7 has been especially constituated to participate in the anual                      international event called HYDROEUROPE.

    To be as clear as possible,  the objective  of  the  
    is to develop a unique set of pedagogic resources dedicated to the                            implementation of the resilience concept in flood risk management strategy.
    This set of resources (course material, exercises, data sets, modeling                            environment integrating numerical models and communication services) will
    be jointly elaborated by the project partners. The partners will integrate these           new resources in a specific training module integrated within their master
    course and will intensively use an innovative project oriented pedagogic                    approach towards the participants. The development of the resources and
    their innovative use will allow promoting to young professionals the new                    approach for flood risk management based around the resilience concept.
    This project will be the first one to offer a specific training dedicated to
    resilience and flood management in Europe.

    During the first part of this event, our team will have to do various exercises
    on different modelling softwares in order to prepare ourselves to teamwork
    and to master those softwares. The second part will be a study case, we will
    have to use what we have learnt before to solve it.

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