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January 24, 2017

The Guardian

         Australian urban slums will finally have water access



 Monash Univeristy's Sustainable Development Institute aims to ensure water access for urban poor. This  article is about the project that the Melbourne Monash University team has developed, which aims to  revolutionise water delivery and sanitation in urban slums. Among more than 600 groups, this australian  project has been awarded $27 in funding by the Wellcome Trust’s Our Planet Our Health awards in the UK.                                                                                                                                                                                              To know more about this project, please refer to this link.

 January 19, 2017

                   The reuse of waste, THE solution to water shortages?
 Here is an article about the proper way to use waste. This action is led by the FAO (Food and Agriculture  Organization). According this organization, reusing waste in agriculture could be the  best way to answer to  challenges related to water shortages. 
 To learn more about this, please follow this link.

 January 17, 2017

                   Climate change, what future for Africa about water?
 Here is a short article that raises a simple question: what is going to happen to Africa with the climate     change? It is a mere issue for rural populations in West and Central Africa. The priority could be to adapt     small-scale irrigation for their future. 
 To learn more about this, please follow this link.

October, 2016


         AQUASTAT, international water related information system

 One of FAO's goals is the sustainable management and utilization of natural resources, including water for  the benefit of present and future generations. To support these goals, Article 1 of its constitution requires  FAO to "collect, analyse, interpret and disseminate information related to nutrition, food and agriculture". 

 Here is the presentation of this huge database of international waterwaster informations and more.


           Climate Change, Could flip Mediterranean lands to a desert? 


 In this article, is shown the problems reaching to southern part of Europe, the Mediterranean coast. the  rising temperatures, the increase of greenhouse gasses and reduce rainfall will affect the area. The  vegetation of the zone will move to higher elevation zones. Causing Extensive drying. 
 Please find attached a link to the article.

October, 2014

                         Water and urbanization, major issues to come? 

 This article is showing how, considering the expecting world population evolution, we all need to organize  to start involving water matters while working on urbanization projects and vice versa. The population is  still increasing, exponentially, and particularly urban population. There is an obvious need to find efficient  solutions, involving water matters like wateruse, waterwaste ant water treatment.
 Please find attached a link to this article written by UN WATER.

 November, 2009

                               The Var catchment and the flood of 1994?

 You will find here a report written by P. Gourbesville about the flood that happened in 1994 on the Var  catchment. It explains the different characteristics  of the river and how and why the flood happened to be  so important. 

 To learn more about this, you can find the report below, in the footpage.

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