Life experience

First face-to-face meeting of our team

On Monday 13th February, the Hydroeurope participants have meet for the first time in the face-to face meeting. Our team is facing the first team work after several months working separately all around the world.

Our first team presentation shearing the obtained results

On Friday 17th February, our team has presented the results obtained after the first week working all together. The question proposed to our team is: Interest and added value of spatially distributed parameters and variables like rainfall (Mike SHE, SHETRAN, HEC-HMS, SCS etc.) which has to be solved comparing the obtained hydrographs for different scenarios tested (5 sucatchments, 12 subcatchments, etc.).

Visit to the study area of the project, The Var Catchment

On Saturday 18th February, Hydroeurope participants went to a field trip to the Var catchment from downstream to upstream in order to understand better the comportment of the river and what did happen in 1994 when the flood event occurred. The regional french TV came to cover the visit and they interviewed Nathir Khalaf, one of our team members. In the link below you can find more information about the trip as well as Nathir's interview.

Dinner in Hard Rock Cafe

On Wednesday 22th February, Hydroeurope participants went to Hard Rock Cafe in Nice to have dinner all together. We spent there a good time eating, dancing and shearing good moments.

Team 7 Video

Our experience during the last two weeks in Hydroeurope has been compiled in the following video, hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed the stay in Nice!

Hydroeurope - Team 7.mp4