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  The HydroEurope project is dedicated to the Var catchment
  (France) and especially the extreme flood event of November 1994. 
     Presentation of the event:

  The river Var is an Alpine torrential river with steep slopes. Located       in the southeast of France, it has a total length of 114 km/71                   mi, with the Tinée, Estéron and Vésubie as its main tributaries. 
  On  November 5th 1994, an extrem flood due to a long period  of           rainfall caused the collapsing of the lowest and the second-lowest         dams on the Var . The discharge reached 3800 m3/s. Fortunately, no     victims were recorded but damages were very consequent. 
  Moreover, a new highway was planned, situated in part on the right     bank of the Var.

  - The soil surface of the downstream area of the catchment is widely     impermeable due to a fast urban development which started in

  It is a major issue and has to be defined in a holistic way in order 
  to mitigate risks and ensure sustainable development. 

   - The slopes of the Var catchment are really steep in the upstream       part

   - A remarkable rainfall event occured before the flood. 2/3 of the 
  Var catchment has been impacted. The accumulation of rainfall             reached an amount of 350 mm in 72 hours.


Bassin du Var

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