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Day 3: Feb 15th, 2017

posted 15 Feb 2017, 07:32 by lanya FENG   [ updated 23 Feb 2017, 09:20 by jeremy DEJOIE ]
The group for MIKE-SHE finished the original model running with 75m resolution data, and started model calibration.  Because of the limited server resources, the calibration has not been completed. But we have started to adjust the rainfall data (with ArcGIS) which are prepared in order to find how it affects the simulation result.

Fig.1 Simulated discharge at outlet of river Var with MIKE-SHE

In addition, Anna Krawczyk and Sara Sampé have been working on the Flood Risk Management report for this week. The mapping of the Flood Resilience Index (FRI) has been finished for the parcel scale using ArcGIS which can be seen in the figure below.

For the group working on HEC-HMS the model has been set-up and it running. However the calibration should be performance. In the figure below we can see the progress in the map and the results in the outlet of the model.

 5 Subcatchments Model 

  12 Subcatchment Model