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Week 06 - 5th to 9th December 2016

posted 9 Dec 2016, 09:08 by lanya FENG   [ updated 23 Feb 2017, 09:39 by jeremy DEJOIE ]
    It has been 1 month since the team assignment! More members of our team started to take part in our works. I hope everyone can improve their strengths and abilities through the project.

    We have decorated and made great improvements to our team website. The new table in the "project" page allows clear division of work and cooperation. Reports before Christmas break have all been planed.

    Technical report of this week is about the SHETRAN, a system developed by Newcastle University which is brand new to almost all of us. Fortunately, Canqi shared some notes with me and we finally managed to accomplish it. By the way, congratulation to Canqi! She just graduated with Master's degree yesterday!

    Hopefully we will have more communication in the following days!

Lanya Feng