HydroEurope 2017 - Team 8

Welcome to Team 8's webpage 

Our team is a part of a hydroproject with a multidisciplinary team of international distribution. In order to achieve our main goal of managing flood risk in the Var Catchment (France), we will first and foremost tackle various compulsory tutorials (MIKESHE, SHETRAN, MIKE21, MIKE11, Iber, CityCat, and Resilience) so that we may be able to implement the skills we have gained from the tutorials during the HydroEurope project in Nice, France.

Our team mates, who are currently based in different universities across Europe will gather for two weeks from 13th to 25th February at the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis to focus on developing the problem assigned during HydroEurope and find an appropriate solution using the hydroinformatic tools mentioned above.

To browse through the webpage and find out more about the team, go to the different links located on the left hand side of this webpage.