Before face to face meeting


To communicate before the face to face meeting we decided to create a Facebook page,  it was a good way for every one to be aware quickly. Each week the team leader posted a brief summary of the to-do list. Then people in charge of reports could ask for help. At the end of the preparation part we did some skype sessions to better coodinate our work


To make  involvement easier to each of us, we decided to use google doc form then if anybody wanted to work on an assignment we just had to share the doc link.


To have a better idea of who is most comfortable with each task we decided to let everyone try every task. In order to do that, we created an organization chart which assigns a task to each member for every week, this way there will always be a team manager for each sub-task:

Team organizer, Team management report leader, Team assignment report leader, Team website leader

The leaders will change every week starting this same week. This way everyone will tried to lead each task before the face to face meeting, and by then, we will know which task is more suitable for each member.

Hear is the final repartition of the rules

 Team organizer
 Team manangment report leader
 Team assignement report leader
 Team website leader
 Brian  Tomasz  Lee  Laura