Week 1 - Day 1

1.    Introduction

Today is the start of Hydroeurope. Everyone is glad to gather here in Nice to participate to this 2 weeks of intense work the Var river and the flood event of 1994. This daily report aims to present the activity of day and also to thing to do after.

2.    Activity of the day

In the morning, it was the opening ceremony of Hydroeurope introduced by Professor Gourbesville. Then each team presented themselves and also the work they did during the before face-to-face meeting.

In the afternoon, each member of the team introduced itself. We get our topic of the week that consists of making the hydrograph for different return period: 10 years, 20 years, 50 years and 100 years and also the associated flooded area in the Var low valley. This work will be presented on Friday, 17th February.

Firstly, team 10 will make several design storm according to the different return period. To determine the storm event, we choose to use the alternating block method by using the synthetic IDF formula from Barcelona – Fabra. We use this formula due to the fact that Barcelona and Nice are in the Mediterranean Sea. So we make the assumption that the topography, the weather and the rain events are very similar to those in Barcelona.

Then after making those storm events, we will run a hydrological simulation in order to get a hydrograph. Our team think about the different software to make this simulation:




Finally, to run the flood simulation, we make a choice between:

- CityCat

- Iber


- Mike Flood


In order to achieve in time the task of this week, we choose for the moment to run only a hydrological simulation with Mike SHE based on the storm event that we are creating and then for the flooding simulation, we will run it on Iber.

3.    Planning of the next day

We will continue the setting of Iber. We will also make the hydrological simulation with Mike SHE and update the website. Hopefully, we will start a flooding simulation on Iber.

14 Feb 2017, 12:06