Week 1 - Day 2

1.    Introduction

Today is the second day of Hydroeurope. This daily report aims to present the activities of that day.


2.    Activity of the day

In the morning, we were participating in 3 presentations. The topic of the first one was about Resilience, which was presented by Jelena Batica. Second presentation concerned achievement of water welfare through smart water city. The last one was about slope failure considering rainfall characteristics.

In the afternoon, each member of the team was continuing their work from the previous day. We decided to share the work into smaller sub-groups. One sub-group was working in Mike 11, second sub-group in Mike SHE, third one in Iber and the rest was helping with searching information, preparing data and writing the technical report. Additionally, a small sub-group worked on the Resilience task.

Mike 11 sub-group was checking input files and formulas, which we can use for design the storm. The sub-group of Mike SHE was designing storm, trying to complete Mike SHE model and checking parameters if everything is right. The Iber sub-group was defining a mash and trying to get a flood map to make a simulation.

In the end of the day we had hydrographs for 4 return period and Mike SHE model without initial conditions.


3.    Planning of the next day

The next day we will be continuing our work. We will prepare initial condition in ArcGIS, using topography map and stream network map to specify different values for stream and the rest zero and change it to water level type in Mike SHE. We will also calculate concentration time with values  of 75 DEM. Moreover we need to finish Iber model setup and prepare it for simulation. To make modelling faster, we want to check if it is possible to specify initial depth for each branch in Mike 11.

15 Feb 2017, 06:03