Week 1 - Day 3

1.    Introduction

Today is the third day of Hydroeurope. This daily report aims to present the activities of that day.


2.    Activity of the day

In the morning, we were participating in presentation, which topic was about Project AquaVar and Lower Var River Valley.

In the afternoon, each member of the team was continuing their work from the previous day. One of our sub-group was exctracting results from the first solution in Mike SHE and Mike View. After having results from Mike SHE, we could use that datas and hydrographs to put them into Iber to run the model and receive simulation. Moreover HMS model was calibrated. We were also preparing initial condition in ArcGIS, using topography map and stream network map, writing the technical report and continuing the Resilience task


3.    Planning of the next day

The next day we will be continuing our work and trying to get the final solutions.

16 Feb 2017, 05:58