Week 2 - Day 2

1.    Introduction

Today is the ninth day of Hydroeurope. This daily report aims to present the activities of that day.


2.    Activity of the day

In the morning we were participating in presentations.

In the afternoon we were continuing our work. We started to analyze the discharge database with Gumble's distribution, to plot peak discharge and extrapolate for different return periods. Result of Gumble's analysis shows unability too use discharge database, difficulties were lack of data, data was daily, but 1994 event is hourly and peak is 3-times bigger. Suggested ways for fixing this difficulty was using rainfall database analysis with Gumble method and use HEC-HMS.

In Iber we were doing the setting of the model. We were adding the landuse data with manning coefficient. And we also run simulation with the 1994 event, but it has to be improved with the landuse data that we added this afternoon.

We also started preparing website and video. We added some pages about the face to face meeting and the tasks were done. We took group photos and recorded films for our video.


3.    Planning of the next day

The next day we will be continuing our work.

alethea WALKER,
23 Feb 2017, 05:02