Work Experience

By mutual agreement the team has decided to communicate and share information through Facebook.
Thanks this Facebook group everyone can inform the other about the progress of the report or ask for help.

Thank to Skype several video conference have been done to help us to work together.  

First video conference :
On December we did a video-conference to present each member to the other, this exchange allowed us to organize our work and divide project.

We have made a google drive to organize work tasks between us. 

Google drive 

    Second video-conference :
During the second Skype meeting of the 3rd of February of 2017 we summarized our work since October and what we want to study to the next week. 

Bellow a short sum up of the meeting :
  • Create a table with all the results and outputs generated by software        
  • Update the website 
  • Choose a subject among :
    • Impact of urbanization on Var's flooding
    • Impact of hydraulic structures on Var's flooding
    • Impact of climate change on Var's flooding   
For each subject we should use suitable software and collect relevant data.

  • Succeed in making a floodmap (no matter which software) of the downstream area of the lower valley of var river (from the bridge 202BIS to the sea) 


During this two weeks, we have working hard, obviously....


But, we also spend a good times !

Remika's birthday