Var Flood Map

Preliminary Var Basin Flood Map

Flood Map using 2D Component of HEC-RAS 5.0.3 

One of the tasks to be done before the face-to-face meeting is to produce a flood map for the downstream area of the lower valley of Var River. The preliminary flood map can be further enhanced with more details added as more data about the study area is acquired. This simple flood map was produced using 2D component of HEC-RAS 5.0.3 with the following conditions:
  • Mesh-size is 5m x 5m
  • Upstream boundary condition based on peak discharge during the 1994 flood event
  • Simulation interval of 1 second
  • Simulation run of 1 hour
The depth and velocity results are shown in the two images below.

Flood Hazard Maps

Based on the depth and velocity maps produced above, hazard maps were also created. The criteria used was based on Catalan Water Agency's flood hazard criteria. This criteria is summarised in the table below.

Based on this criteria, the hazard maps depicting the following scenarios were produced and are shown below:
  • Hazard based only on depth
  • Hazard based only on velocity
  • Hazard based on product of depth and velocity