HydroEurope Project Is a meeting and a collaboration between students in water and environmental engineering from various countries and continents. The project is comprised of six partners from different academic institutes across Europe:

Before the face-to-face meeting in February 2017 in Nice, France, the team will be preparing by gaining skills on the   following software and tasks by :
  • Going through the PowerPoint instruction for given software
  • Getting comfortable with the software by carrying out the tasks and tutorials 
  • Solving the exercises provided 
The software practised include the following 
  • ArcGIS
  • MIKE 11 (MIKE-She, She-TRAN)
  • MIKE 21
  • Iber
  • CityCAT
  • Resilience
Aims & Targets

The HydroEurope project is dedicated to the Var catchment (France) which is seriously affected by extreme flood process. The development of the downstream area of the catchment is major issue and has to be defined in an holistic way in order to mitigate risks and ensure sustainable development. 
  1.  A set of pedagogic resources.
  2.  An innovative pedagogic approach based on the collaborative engineering concept.
  3.  The development and use of a Collaborative Engineering Platform.

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