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Mike SHE

The software allows to create models to simulate the discharge, as an output, at the outlet of a catchment or a sub-catchment, depending on inputs such as topography, infiltration, evapotranspiration, detention and mainly rainfall.

Different scenarios can be obtained by changing the parameters to adapt the inputs to the required conditions, furthermore the software, as a part of a package, can be coupled to other software (e.g. MIKE 11) to increase the accuracy of the model and include more components such as rivers and streams which can have big effect on the water cycle of the catchment and thus the discharge simulated.

For this exercise, we will use MIKE SHE to model (calibrate and optimize by coupling with MIKE 11) the Var catchment during the historical flood event (1994) using :

  1. 300 m resolution data
  2. 75 m resolution data

 In order to analyze the effect of resolution on the simulation.

Conclusion : Changing Strickler coefficient of the forest from 12 to 20 in the model don’t have significative impact on the discharge.

We used 75m cell size grid which is much smaller than 300m, but it is also not enough to indicate small streams and narrow rivers. Also, the time when the peak flow has happened is different. We should consider other parameters of catchment to take better result and have further studies with smaller cell size.