1. Project objectives


In a context of global warming and climat change, issues related to water management and flooding issues are getting more complexe over the years. To prevent damages resulting from overflows of rivers, scientists, professionals and students are hardly trying to understand the phenomenon by building hydrologic and hydraulics models. Each country have its own approach about flood management. One of the most effective approach is to promote collaborative works between international students, which encourage sharing of data and experiences.

The main objective of this project is to build strong collaborations between students from several universities in Europe, regarding inondation  management. The study case will be the Var catchment in France, who was subject of flooding during the great 1994's flooding event.

Var flooding


The river Var is located in the south-eat of France. It’s source is located in Estenc, Alpes-Maritimes at an altitude of 1790m (French Department). It flows 114km in length through the Alpes-Martimes and into the city of Nice found on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is subdivided into the 5 catchments: Tinee, Upper Var, Vesubie, Esteron and Lower Var.
Altitude 0 - 3000 m
Catchment area: 2 822 km2
Length of the Var River: 114 km


The sources of flow in the Var are from precipitation in the form of rain and snow melt. Due to this, the Var is susceptible to snow-melt related flood events and flood events as a result of rainfall.


Four formations are associated with the geology of the var river (Gourbesville, 2009):

Crystal and metamorphic area containing Argentera and Mercantour. These formations are located in the eastern area of the basin.

Mesozoic and Cenocoiz successions represented in limestone and calcareous series and sandstone found in the south east area of the basin.

Permian, generally pelitic which is found in the centre of the basin.

Pilocene formations found in the lower Var valet represented by puddingstone and blue marl.


Philippe GOURBESVILLE (2009) - Le bassin versant du Var et la crue de 1994

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