Happy International Woman`s Day! 
I wish you all to have a great and successful spring!
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EuroAquae at "WaterEurope 2019" 

Feb 14th 2019, Leslie Salvan; another EuroAquae Alumni, is talking about the history of dikes and weirs development at the Var river.

Feb 13th 2019, team 9 is working collaboratively to deliver their fullest potential. 

Feb 12th 2019, everyone is feeling the stress. Yesenia, Leqi , and Asala are working till after midnight in the hotel. 

Feb 12th 2019, we began the second day of "WaterEurope" with a stimulating lecture on the modelling process by Gonzalo Olivares Cerpa; an a memebr of the EuroAquae alumni association. A holistic approach and critical thinking are vital in order to avoid a garbage-in-garbage-out modelling process. 

Feb 11th 2019, first day of "WaterEurope", and the spirit is up!

Teams introduction: Team 9 is being introduced by Lee Ruddick from Newcastle University (UK), and Asala Mahajna from Warsaw University of Technology (Poland).

Just landed in Nice... Let's get hamburgers :)

EuroAquae students are pleased to attend WaterEurope at Polytech Sophia Antipolis, 2019. 

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