The course project consist on a sewer rehabilitation process of a urban catchment called “La Riereta”. To carry out this process a hydrological and hydraulic model will be built up using the EPA Storm Water Management Model (EPA SWMM 5.0).

The urban catchment is located in Sant Boi de Llobregat, which is a town near to Barcelona. This catchment has a surface area of 18 ha approximately. Moreover, it presents high indexes of impermeability due to is mainly inserted in the old historic center of the city. The catchment slope varies from high to medium values and the drainage of the roofs discharges directly to the street through downspouts. Additionally a group of inlets distributed in the streets ensure the collection of the generated runoff after the rainfall occurs.

The drainage system of “La Riereta” is an combined sewer network and it is mainly composed by circular cross section pipes with different diameters.

To build up the numeric model of the study basin each group will have to divide it in sub-basins assigning initial values to the parameters required from the EPA SWMM 5.0 code. Each group will be assigned with tree rain events and hydrographs registered at the outlet of the urban basin.

There is a presentation (PDF version) of the basin in the Data Section.

The main objective is to propose rehabilitation measures through the building up of the model "La Riereta". To achieve this objective different tasks will be carried out as follows:
- Basin discretization
- Determination of the effective rainfall
- Obtention of the different Manning's roughness coefficient of the sewer network
- Calibration and validation of the model
The data required for the project are stored in the Data Section.

La Riereta Catchment - Sant Boi de Llobregat

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